Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 7 (1/19/11, or Scientologists and Canadians – Guest Starring the Safeway Club Card!)

My niche for clever titles is starting to freefall rather magnificently…

Today was a day where all the “exciting” things happened after I got off work. I usually stay until around 6-6:30, but I decided to head out at the designated 5 o’clock end hour because (through the grace of quite a few amazing people at MC) I had to go shopping at everyone’s favorite not-so-cheap-but-better-than-Whole-Foods Fridge Palace known as Safeway.

Before I did anything, though, I applied for the Safeway Club Card.


The cheap-osity is immense when you have it.

I still spent more than I felt I should have on the stuff I needed, but it was a lot less than I would have had I not had the card.

It’s always entertaining to observe the people in “foreign” places. So far, I have met the following from my grocery/work adventures:

1) The stoned guy who always wears a blanket draped in Virgin Mary fashion standing outside the National Geographic museum making hand gestures and smelling of rather potent cannabis.
2) The lady who dresses like Erykah Badu on the Metro
3) Greenpeace
4) The new practice known as pricing plastic bags (Do they do this everywhere now?)

Interjection time: I was headed back out that night to the local CVS (again, I can call any one of them local since I have seen about 30 of them-and only one McDonald’s. There is hope, kids) when I noticed a minivan next door to the apt. with its lights on inside. I went next door and knocked on it a couple of times before I got an answer.

A very tall, handsome (by handsome standards) man answered the door and I mentioned to him that said lights were on. Then he proceeded to engage in conversation with me, then invite me in to meet his wife and daughter, who was playing with trains (I was jealous of the trains).

We continued to talk and I learned he was from Ontario and was house sitting until the actual owners come back in February. Everything soon fell into place regarding his joyful mannerisms and enthusiastic approach to having me meet his family and come in. I love Canadians. They’re second in my heart next to the Jewish people (The most amazing people ever).

Needless to say, my day was a drastic upgrade from yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier. Other people I met on my adventures included:

6) Kindly man at CVS who held my bags for me whilst I shopped
7) Takoma Park residents who resembled many people I know

I have to try not to freak out in front of them when I think they are who they aren’t, but it’s all good. There was always a dog being walked, so I could cover my shock by acting like I was afraid of the dogs.

Also, while I was downtown, I ran into a church of Scientology.

That was so cool.

That church aside, the buildings around here in general look as if **Knights of Camelot will come out on top of dragons to kill you.


**fashionably archaic?

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