Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 6 (1/18/11, or Two Days Off? Well...If You Count Mentally...)

I could launch into an awesome song about how today wasn’t all that great, but that would involve being clever. Right now, that’s not happening.

Today…was rough, to say the least.

Why? Well, to put it simply, there was a lot of confusion (as the title implies). I had to copyedit something (Gala dates) and make them identical to past magazine lists, but the second time I started working on it, I never realized that I left the magazine that I was working from in my Supervisor’s office. How I completely missed this is beyond me….I mean, wow (epic fail, anyone?).

Anyway, I kept working on it, making grammatical changes and whatnot. I sent it in, then she told me to refer to the AP style guide as a reference for the state abbreviations. I did…and had no idea what she was talking about. I had the state abbreviations correct, so I couldn’t see what was wrong.

Until we had a fifteen minute conversation which consisted of us being on two completely different roads.

Sooner or later, we finally figured out what had happened (She wanted the state abbreviations after the listed venue, not in the Gala’s titles), I remembered that I left the magazine in her office and went to grab it. When I looked in, I saw my fail. It glared at me as if to say, “Har. Hardy, har har.”

Oh, if humbling moments didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have (Insert something humbled here).

Most of the rest of the day was thrown off after we both apologized for the entire misunderstanding, but man, did everything kick into gear at the worst possible time…

I was still reeling on how I wasn’t able to understand what she was saying and thus, freaked out about turning in anything I did for a few hours. Fortunately, talking to the Design Director (Bob) calmed me down a lot. He’s a very friendly guy and we talked about things other than work, which helps when you’re getting a bit stressed out from work. He’s now the designated “give me stuff to copyedit” guy and I love when he makes mistakes on printing.

It gives me a reason to talk to him.

Hopefully, though, something like that doesn’t happen again. I wasted a lot of work time, I think. Therefore, I have to get my ears (and head) together.


Anyway, afterward, the rest of day went better. Chelsea (Nicki Minaj’s soulmate) and I ate some horrible-tasting chips, and the entire Thunderdome planned a surprise dance-off against the interns on the 4th floor. Why is it a surprise?

4th doesn’t know about it.

Surprise domination.


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  1. HOW DARE YOU, challenging the 4th floor to a dance off! You dont have the courage to take on floor 3!