Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 1 (1/10/2011)

I'll begin by saying this much: It was very hard to hide my excitement.

It was also difficult not to pass out from said excitement.

The morning started off with my panicked realization that I wasn't in Chicago. After I remembered why, I got up, got ready and was off to the Metro.

I would like to note that I DID NOT GET LOST FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE.

Celebrate with me.

I would also like to note that having to pay an Exit fare is the craziest thing I've ever heard of.

But the entire station is very clean. And retro. 70's retro. Seriously. Time warp when you get on the train.

I admit I was a bit afraid of where I was going, but the grand ol' blue and yellow Equality flag came into my view soon enough.

After I found the building, damn near worshiped it and cried a little, I entered the main headquarters of the largest LGBT Rights Organization in America.
The introduction was fairly simple. We were given rules and regulations on what to do (enjoy, have fun, and work) as well as what not to do (no inter-office relationships and no stupidity in general). Our supervisors then gathered us up to start the day.

My supervisor is the amazing Ms. Janice Hughes, and she had apparently been raving about me to everyone on the 5th floor (the Publications office floor). I also came to find out that I was the first ever Magazine and Publications intern, so it was only right that she took me around the entire building and introduced me to everyone. I got to see people who worked in the Interfaith offices, and Major Donor offices among others.

Through that tour, I could tell that this was going to be a fun bunch of people to work with. They're all very happy to be there, and you can feed off the positivity in the place. I loved it.

I got to know my iPod mates (Ipod is a term used for the grouped offices that 3-4 interns occupy a semester. My office space has my name and everything! Squee!). I don't remember their names at the moment, but we had an awesome conversation about Arts Programs being removed from colleges/universities, as well as diversity ratios and what they represent on a deeper level.

After I got settled, Janice took me out to eat at the delicious California Grill (You gotta go. That food was awesome) and we talked about home life, relatives,the basic first meeting type things. After that, we headed back and actually got to work.

Today was basically transcribing videos including Johnny Weir's acceptance speech when he received the HRC Visibility Award: and a video for the HRC New York equality movie featuring Whoopi Goldberg. I also spent some time going through the publications to get a feel for certain pages I would be helping with (quotes page, major donors page, etc). The end of the day honestly flew by, and I was informed that there would be more to do in the coming weeks.

After a bit of me talking about what I planned to have for her as far as research and other things for tomorrow, Janice tried to stop me from doing more stuff at home and have fun. I figured this was fun.

I think she thinks I'm crazy.

Then again, I'm used to that.

P.S. We have a refrigerator! It's shiny and pretty and I try to stay away from it because all I want to do is touch it.

We also have our own awesome little Intern access cards because, if you want to get anywhere, you have to use it, or be:

a. locked in the stairwell
b. locked out of your office
c. locked out of the building

With that said, I'll just leave it in my bag.


  1. Yaaay!!!! *smile* I definitely loved reading this. Sounds like you had a kickass first day. And it's only right that you would be raved about. I mean, psh, you're pretty much amazing. ;-)


  2. Awesome day 1!! I can't wait to continue reading about your amazing internship. So proud of u and incredibly happy for u! Keep having fun!!

  3. I like the "no stupidity in general" rule. I think I may use that in my classes next fall. Good to hear your "voice," Monica, and I will enjoy reading your blog. Good for you in landing this internship!